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What to practice

20 Sep, 2023

Today, I was thinking about what people choose to practice. Often, we practice things that leave easily externally visible marks: our strength to build muscles, or our professional skills to build careers and promotions. Most self improvement starts at the gym or studying.

Convenience Store Woman

30 Aug, 2023

I have recently been trying to read more, especially in place of watching YouTube videos (yes, the habit ebbs and flows). Browsing through my library's available books, I found Convenience Store Woman, written originally in Japanese by Sayaka Murata and translated to English by Ginny Tapley Takemori. The description drew me in right away: a woman reflecting on her purpose, questioning ambition, and trying to dissect the rules of society with almost alien-like confusion. I have struggled to unknot these exact topics repeatedly, once even on this blog.

Julia, Revise, and DrWatson

27 Dec, 2022

So the blogging about Julia continues. I didn't really anticipate I'd blog so much about Julia (or crosswords, for that matter), but here we are, I guess.

Tokyo Night

10 Dec, 2022

While this blog post is titled Tokyo Night, it really is about a bunch of things. I guess I should just start from the very beginning (a very good place to start).

Advent of code

9 Dec, 2022

I solved this puzzle with CartesianIndices. Though I'm not sure that was really necessary, I chose to because I wanted to get more familiar with them. I still don't totally grasp the point of them, but I have a nebulous feeling that they could be very powerful, if only I understood them deeply. Indexing always kind of scares me — it isn't super intuitive (and I know there's a whole debate about 0-indexed vs 1-indexed, which arguments on both sides about being more intuitive).

Advent of code

4 Dec, 2022

I've done the Advent of Code off and on the past few years, but I never made it to the end. Let's see if I can do it this year.

Getting back on the horse

12 Nov, 2022

Over this summer, I spent a lot of time reflecting on digital life and the larger question of what I wanted to do with my time. At that point, I had already felt for several months that I was wasting my life away, and not in a dramatic way. It was just slipping by, mundane moment to mundane moment, as I absent-mindedly watched YouTube videos. So I made a directed effort to cut YouTube, trying to be purposeful with the time it freed up. I might even have said that I was doing well. I stopped compulsively going to YouTube's homepage, instead using an RSS reader to only gather new videos from a pre-curated list of channels. I spent time walking around, trying to be present rather than listening to a podcast episode for the fifth time just to avoid the silence. I wrote and edited essays. Maybe I was even more focused with work.

Keyboard update

7 Aug, 2022

I previously wrote that I was using the Cooler Master SK622 keyboard. When I bought it, I choose it for a few key reasons:

Today's crossword

22 Jul, 2022

Hey look, I said that I wouldn't just blog about crosswords but I also said that Friday crosswords just tend to be good. What can I say??? Plus, today's crossword had a FART in it.

Today's crossword

15 Jul, 2022

Today's crossword was cute! Once again, I had fun with the Friday puzzle while Thursday's (yesterday) was a total joyless slog.

De-Googling, and more in general

13 Jul, 2022

De-Googling is not uncommon, especially among people concerned with internet privacy and the slow web. I'm not going to make the argument for de-Googling in this post. The fact that a single company is so huge that we all struggle to free ourselves from it says it all. Because Google (and Facebook, and Amazon) are so pervasive in standard life at this point, everyone has their own strategies for separation. I will just describe what I've done. My hope is that it's at least partially helpful for someone else on the same journey.

Today's crossword

3 Jun, 2022

There are enough crossword blogs without needing another! I'm not becoming another crossword blog! I'm just very excited and happy about today's crossword!

On writing

24 May, 2022

When I was younger, I tortured myself over the purpose of my life. What did my life contribute to society and what did my life bring to myself? When I was younger still, I wondered why everyone questioned the meaning of life. It seemed a lofty yet useless question, when really I did not understand its meaning. The truth, I have come to discover, is that eventually one can't help but to reflect on the question.

My computing setup

6 Nov, 2021

I spend my fair share of time cranking through theory, but I spend an equal amount of time coding quantitative computations, mucking with data, or (recently) even teaching online. My computing devices are a central determinant to not only my work's success, but also my happiness, since I spend so much time with them. I therefore approach choosing my setup with appropriate seriousness!

Writing a package in Julia

3 Nov, 2021

In tandem with one of my projects, I wrote a Julia package implementing its central solution methods. This undertaking was the first time I wrote a Julia package (the larger project itself the first time I really used Julia).